Biomotor abilities

It is known that different sports have different training and body demands. Every sport challenges an athlete’s body in a different level and requires further development of certain biological abilities. Those abilities are called biomotor abilities and they include Strength – Endurance- Speed- Power -Coordination -Flexibility – Agility -Balance.

It is almost impossible to train all 8 biomotor abilities at the same time to the maximum level, so prioritizing the training according to the sport requirements is an effective strategy to maximize an athlete’s gains. For example the fitness of the marathon runner is obviously very different to the fitness of the basketball player. The next image illustrates the relative needs for strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and coordination for the sports stated at the example.

It becomes apparent that individual athletic goals and needs will determine which combination of abilities are trained and at what level. Combining this sport specific training with corresponding supplements, that enhances the needed biomotor abilities, will help an athlete to reach the highest possible level of performance.

In sports nutrition private label we have a wide range of products and knowledge of the body’s energy system demands and the biomotor ability requirements. With our guidance you will be able to create unique products tailored to the specific needs of your clients.

So understanding the function of each skill, biomotor ability and supplement and its place in each sport or training will help an athlete to perform to the highest possible level and consequently to become a devoted client to your brand.

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