Protein is a popular ingredient and it’s a huge part of every athlete’s diet. Almost everyone knows by now that high quality protein intake can optimize muscle strength and ability to recover after training. What is more, emerging scientific research suggests that protein has the potential to play a role in several aspects of weight loss and management. Research published in the 2003 Journal of Nutrition indicates that:

a moderate increase in dietary protein each day, combined with a physically active lifestyle and energy-controlled diet, may improve the body’s ability to build muscle mass, maintain a healthy weight and feel satisfied.

The study theorizes that, due to the amino acid leucine found in protein-rich foods, increasing the proportion of protein to carbohydrates in the diet may have positive effects on body composition, as well as blood lipids, glucose homeostasis and satiety during weight loss. Researchers have found that people on a moderately high-protein diet (34% protein/46% carbohydrate/20% fat) lost more fat mass than those on a higher-carbohydrate diet (17% protein/64% carbohydrate/20% fat). In particular, the moderately high-protein diet is associated with greater reduction in triglyceride concentration and improvements in hemoglobin and vitamin B12 status.

Add protein to your breakfast

While an overall increase in protein at every meal is critical, including it at breakfast is especially important. Nutritionist Heather Bauer, R.D. states that “Eating protein at breakfast not only helps you lose weight, I’ve found that it also prevents mood swings.” Having a protein shake or a super healthy protein smoothie for breakfast may be the case for many people but sports nutrition private label gives your brand the opportunity to add some variety in the breakfast options it can offer, with our bakery series.

Now your brand can appeal even to those customers who want to lose weight but they also want to have their favorite delicacy for breakfast. We provide high protein whole food packages of pancakes, muffins, waffles, cakes and even bread that are packed with nutrients. Those ready to mix instant solutions are easy to prepare with the minimum effort, they have a high content of quality protein which is the desired in a weight loss program and they taste so good that will make the consumer happy and satisfied.

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