If you are into sports nutrition for a while, you’ll definitely know that supplement companies have to declare ingredients in descending order of weight. Of course not all companies are willing to share that kind of detailed information and for that purpose they use tactics such as the “proprietary blend” to declare the ingredients collectively.

But what is exactly a proprietary blend?

Proprietary blend is a term used to describe a secret concoction of ingredients that the manufacturer wants to withhold. From a marketing point of view, companies that hide the levels of various ingredients, claim that their blend is so unique and awesome that all the competitors would rip it off if they knew how to. Obviously this is just a marketing trick they use in order to hide the fact that they are using low levels of premium ingredients and bulking out your formula out with inexpensive fillers.

It is common knowledge that not all proteins are created equally. High quality sources of proteins such as whey protein isolate or hydrolysed whey, provide the right amounts of essential amino acids, or “building blocks,” the body needs to build and maintain muscle and function properly and that is why they are more expensive than soy protein or casein. Don’t get it wrong.. we won’t deny that mixing up various types of protein may be beneficial, but only when you declare the level of each individual protein source and even the exact percentage of the source, the customer will know exactly what they are paying for and more importantly what they are putting in their body.

Another common trick that many suppliers use to falsify protein lab tests is to add extra glycine in their protein blend. The presence of glycine makes the test results show that there’s a higher percentage of protein than there really is, without the need for them to add high concentration protein. The same goes with Amino amino acids proprietary blends. When a supplement contains 5.2g of “Amino Acid Proprietary Blend”, most of the ingredients of this blend could be cheaper amino acids, such as glycine or other fillers and there may only be small quantities of the useful expensive ones, such as leucine and glutamine, present there just so they could be listed as an ingredient.

Private labels way

In sports nutrition private label we provide you, with high quality ingredients in affordable prices so that you won’t have to get involved into cheap scams, to trick customers into buying a low quality product. There is no use for proprietary blends when you only add ingredients that their presence in a blend is backed up by solid scientific evidence and if anything, you will be proud to declare clearly the levels of each active ingredient used and how much consumer will receive per serving

Private label believes in integrity and that a quality product actually pays off, therefore we’ll help you create a product that you can stand for and will gain customer confidence.

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