Protein’s role in Weight loss

Protein is a popular ingredient and it’s a huge part of every athlete’s diet. Almost everyone knows by now that high quality protein intake can optimize muscle strength and ability to recover after training. What is more, emerging scientific research suggests that protein has the potential to play a role in several aspects of weight loss and management. Research published in the 2003 Journal of Nutrition indicates that:

a moderate increase in dietary protein each day, combined with a physically active lifestyle and energy-controlled diet, may improve the body’s ability to build muscle mass, maintain a healthy weight and feel satisfied.

The study theorizes that, due to the amino acid leucine found in protein-rich foods, increasing the proportion of protein to carbohydrates in the diet may have positive effects on body composition, as well as blood lipids, glucose homeostasis and satiety during weight loss. Researchers have found that people on a moderately high-protein diet (34% protein/46% carbohydrate/20% fat) lost more fat mass than those on a higher-carbohydrate diet (17% protein/64% carbohydrate/20% fat). In particular, the moderately high-protein diet is associated with greater reduction in triglyceride concentration and improvements in hemoglobin and vitamin B12 status.

Add protein to your breakfast

While an overall increase in protein at every meal is critical, including it at breakfast is especially important. Nutritionist Heather Bauer, R.D. states that “Eating protein at breakfast not only helps you lose weight, I’ve found that it also prevents mood swings.” Having a protein shake or a super healthy protein smoothie for breakfast may be the case for many people but sports nutrition private label gives your brand the opportunity to add some variety in the breakfast options it can offer, with our bakery series.

Now your brand can appeal even to those customers who want to lose weight but they also want to have their favorite delicacy for breakfast. We provide high protein whole food packages of pancakes, muffins, waffles, cakes and even bread that are packed with nutrients. Those ready to mix instant solutions are easy to prepare with the minimum effort, they have a high content of quality protein which is the desired in a weight loss program and they taste so good that will make the consumer happy and satisfied.

Successful combination of training with supplementation is the key

Biomotor abilities

It is known that different sports have different training and body demands. Every sport challenges an athlete’s body in a different level and requires further development of certain biological abilities. Those abilities are called biomotor abilities and they include Strength – Endurance- Speed- Power -Coordination -Flexibility – Agility -Balance.

It is almost impossible to train all 8 biomotor abilities at the same time to the maximum level, so prioritizing the training according to the sport requirements is an effective strategy to maximize an athlete’s gains. For example the fitness of the marathon runner is obviously very different to the fitness of the basketball player. The next image illustrates the relative needs for strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and coordination for the sports stated at the example.

It becomes apparent that individual athletic goals and needs will determine which combination of abilities are trained and at what level. Combining this sport specific training with corresponding supplements, that enhances the needed biomotor abilities, will help an athlete to reach the highest possible level of performance.

In sports nutrition private label we have a wide range of products and knowledge of the body’s energy system demands and the biomotor ability requirements. With our guidance you will be able to create unique products tailored to the specific needs of your clients.

So understanding the function of each skill, biomotor ability and supplement and its place in each sport or training will help an athlete to perform to the highest possible level and consequently to become a devoted client to your brand.

Proprietary blends? No thanks

If you are into sports nutrition for a while, you’ll definitely know that supplement companies have to declare ingredients in descending order of weight. Of course not all companies are willing to share that kind of detailed information and for that purpose they use tactics such as the “proprietary blend” to declare the ingredients collectively.

But what is exactly a proprietary blend?

Proprietary blend is a term used to describe a secret concoction of ingredients that the manufacturer wants to withhold. From a marketing point of view, companies that hide the levels of various ingredients, claim that their blend is so unique and awesome that all the competitors would rip it off if they knew how to. Obviously this is just a marketing trick they use in order to hide the fact that they are using low levels of premium ingredients and bulking out your formula out with inexpensive fillers.

It is common knowledge that not all proteins are created equally. High quality sources of proteins such as whey protein isolate or hydrolysed whey, provide the right amounts of essential amino acids, or “building blocks,” the body needs to build and maintain muscle and function properly and that is why they are more expensive than soy protein or casein. Don’t get it wrong.. we won’t deny that mixing up various types of protein may be beneficial, but only when you declare the level of each individual protein source and even the exact percentage of the source, the customer will know exactly what they are paying for and more importantly what they are putting in their body.

Another common trick that many suppliers use to falsify protein lab tests is to add extra glycine in their protein blend. The presence of glycine makes the test results show that there’s a higher percentage of protein than there really is, without the need for them to add high concentration protein. The same goes with Amino amino acids proprietary blends. When a supplement contains 5.2g of “Amino Acid Proprietary Blend”, most of the ingredients of this blend could be cheaper amino acids, such as glycine or other fillers and there may only be small quantities of the useful expensive ones, such as leucine and glutamine, present there just so they could be listed as an ingredient.

Private labels way

In sports nutrition private label we provide you, with high quality ingredients in affordable prices so that you won’t have to get involved into cheap scams, to trick customers into buying a low quality product. There is no use for proprietary blends when you only add ingredients that their presence in a blend is backed up by solid scientific evidence and if anything, you will be proud to declare clearly the levels of each active ingredient used and how much consumer will receive per serving

Private label believes in integrity and that a quality product actually pays off, therefore we’ll help you create a product that you can stand for and will gain customer confidence.