Sport Nutrition Trends


Sports nutrition is a growing market that gets more and more competitive every day. Identifying what is your target  audience and  which market trends, are the driving force, will help you stay ahead of the game

No1 – Wider and more diverse consumer base

For years, bodybuilders and elite athletes were the regular consumers but  lately there is a significant raise in the demand of sports nutrition products from people that are not necessarily athletic. Sports nutrition products are used by a vast range of people that vary from serious professional athletes and bodybuilders to recreational gym goers, seniors who want to maintain their vitality and people who just take interest into their well-being and want to establish a healthier lifestyle. Their needs and expectations from a product may vary. There is one demand in common among all these people: efficient yet natural ingredients to enhance their performance and help them meet their health and fitness goals. Which brings me to the second major nutrition trend :

No2 – public awareness about health & wellness

Consumers around the world are focusing their attention into the products they’re buying. They read labels, they are choosy, they are becoming more and more aware of what is healthy.  According to Datamontitor report, more than half (53%) of European consumers who express an interest in food and beverages that improve physical energy and stamina consider the presence of “natural” ingredients to be highly influential on their choices. So if public is moving  toward wanting simpler, less processed nutrition, so should you as a manufacturer in order to capitalize on the growing market for sports nutrition.

Adding natural, traceable, and research baked ingredients like the ones we provide you with,  will help your brand not only to grab new customers but  also evolve its product line according to what seems to be a major public demand nowadays. Ingredients, ranging from milk or egg proteins and fibres, sugars or vegetable starches to vitamins, minerals and more unique ingredients and formulations that work. What is more, in sports nutrition private label we have the market understanding and know-how to deliver documented, ready-to-use products or tailored solutions that respond to the growing consumer demand for healthier food choices.

For us athletes and bodybuilders needs are always important and they form a considerable consumer segment, but making your products  appealing to the mainstream population will open your business to a wider market. This  is an opportunity you should  make the most out of and sports nutrition private label shows you the way!

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